Thursday, 10 April 2014

Poisoned Chalice James WF Roberts

Poisoned chalice of love and faith,
passed around time and time again.
Suspicious and selfish—poisonous
and joyful. Addictive and painful.
Touch of your lips upon my flesh.
Sing me no songs.
Tell me no lies.
Weave no stories of love,
around my mind.

Just lie here with me now,
in the middle of the future
and the past.
You lie,
I cheat.
You dream,
I create.
I am me
you are you.

Nothing more than our true
natures can we expect from each other?
What are we now…
Enemy? Friends?
Brother and sister?
Mutual offenders?
Serial Monogamists?
Or just crazy fucked up lovers?

But, the way you look at me,
it is not with lust or mistrust,
you look at me with a hope
I’ve never felt before?
What is going on in your mind?
There’s an innocence,
a childlike  enthusiasm
that shines through
every part of your being,
until the creature has its
pure white claws around you

(c) James WF Roberts 

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