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Not-So, Wedded-Bliss (2010 based on a true event)

Not-So, Wedded-Bliss!
(2010 based on a true event).
James WF Roberts  

Not-So, Wedded-Bliss!
Her body lying before me,
Her heart torn to pieces;
Day of her life, pure like an Angel,
All in white…
Tossed aside now,
Like a used up Toy
Brings moments of Pleasure;
Then thrown back
Headlong into the back of the Cupboard
New Husband, his brother:
Bound up and rolled away in Chains:
Public spectacle—all grief and Shame—
Every body laughing;
Pointing calling names
Every Cop in a Car or Bike

Called in; must have been a really quiet night…

In my arms, bawling her eyes out--
Our bodies pressed together so tightly,
Her warmth in the cold night air;
Bringing me closer and closer in the bitter despair

That maybe I could have stopped the fight—
The Fool pushing two ex-lovers,
Back within each other’s arms:
The Fire, desire, Dire results?

The raging fire; the nagging question?
Is this temptation for me?
Or a test of their love?
Male Pride?

The man in her life, his brother, 8 cops, 4 bouncers;
Any minute now the front glass doors will shatter—
Me on the front road,
With her wearing my jacket from my wedding suit,
Mister Octopus; trying to keep her wriggling body;
From hitting the pavement hard and fast
Back now, on their matrimonial bed—her dress
All crimpled on the floor—I often Wonder;

Has she ever grown tired of being treated as a whore?
Crying on my shoulder—all her years of pain and abuse:
Six years I have known her, thru the darkness, the deafening Silence
Of her childhood—Never before have I
ever, ever scream out, “Why”
Thunder in our hearts, lightning in our touch—
Oh God—Did I do the right thing?

Such a splendid night of passion, feeling alive once more
After feeling so cold—so alone?

She spurned me once, I vowed never to take her back—
Best mates ever since
OR, was I just waiting, silently in the shadows?
Our bodies inching closer,
Voices in my head telling me “yes” then screaming out “no”
She was so vulnerable—I was so alone
Would she be so willing? Again?
Or are we better now as friends?
New husband down at the station,
Refusing to give even name and number
Wedding Night of a Spa, Champagne and Bed?
“Let’s  find the roughest club in town;
And PUNCH ON, instead…”
Her soft brown eyes, now red and drained;
That look that peeled across her face;
Looking up from a soft bed?

Was this what I had been missing?
Any minute now would we start K—
A cough in the next room,
diverts our attention, to our insurance policy:
The new husband’s wise and measured Asian friend…
The next two days were hell for me
so has been the last few days:
Nor-so-good for them…

But did she and I both make the right decision

in the End?

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