Sunday, 3 July 2016

Streets of Shanghai No 1.James WF Roberts

Streets of Shanghai No 1.
James WF Roberts

Hazy rain
shimmers the city,
bright neons fuzzy in the
distance. A family of four
one what we would call a mope-head,
young son sitting in front of his dad,
wife and older daughter sit side-saddle,
weaving in and out of traffic. Is this normal
traffic or is it a blood sport?
Three or four boxes of fresh produce
on the handlebars.
Young girls driving motorbikes,
business attire, killer high heels
and a surgical mask.
She is texting while driving,
and weaving in out of traffic.
I wonder if you can bet on this online?

Faded glamour,
that Western cliché,
of ‘yellow music’ champagne and Jazz.
the new woman, sent to destroy family
values, fallen woman, is Shanghai a woman?
Like the poets used to say?
24 hour city
7 days a week.
Can go into a bank on a Sunday afternoon,
the creature comforts in this Paris of the East,
leaves Melbourne and Sydney so far behind it’s not funny.

Walking through a subterranean world
of concrete and steel
Labyrinth of futurism all around.
Super quiet trains. Super quiet commute.
Shanghai’s seduction has begun.

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