Friday, 28 October 2016

Release Day: The Siren's Call, issue #29 Hallowe'en.

Release Day: The Siren's Call, issue #29 Hallowe'en.

The 29th issue of The Sirens Call eZine comes in at 167 pages and features short stories, flash fiction, and poetry centered on the theme of Hallowe'en Hell.

It also contains artwork by, and an interview with, Joe Roberts, as well as interviews with KL Dantes, author of Mill's Woods, and Maynard Blackoak, author of Eerie Trails of the Wild Weird West!

It's such an honour to be published in such illustrious company.
  Artist, Joe Roberts (@Joe_R_Roberts). Authors: Diane Arrelle, James Austin, Maynard Blackoak, C. Cooch, Stuart Conover, Stephen Crowley, Jessica Curtis, Calvin Demmer, Stacy Fileccia, Marlena Frank, David J. Gibbs, J.W. Grace (Jim Grace), L. Page Hamilton (Laura Hamilton), Jill Hand, Kevin Holton, Patrick Loveland, Kahramanah, Nick Manzolillo, R.J. Meldrum (Richard Meldrum), Jacob Carl Mielke, Otis Moore Jr., Madeline Mora-Summonte, Megan O'Leary, Carl Palmer, Author Lucretia Richmond, James WF Roberts, Andrew Robertson, Rory J. Roche, Nicolas Rose, B. David Spicer (Brian Spicer), Mark Steinwachs, Larry Underwood, J.M. Van Horn, Tim Wellman, Terry M. West, Matthew Wilson, Patrick Winters, and KL Dantes. And of course, our relentless team at SCP: Julianne Snow, Gloria Bobrowicz, and Nina D'Arcangela (plus all the usual assorted suspects/minions who go un-named)

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